Vision & Mission

The vision carried forward through the generations at ZAFA remains the same, economically and affordably priced high quality healthcare to people. One way of keeping the prices low is to go for backward integration. ZAFA GROUP has its own API manufacturing unit ZAFA CHEMIE which provides the raw materials for not only ZAFA Pharmaceutical but also for major multinationals across Pakistan. With its own API manufacturing plant and also an indigenous printing press ZAFA Pharmaceutical manages to keep healthcare accessible to people.

GLASTEC AMPOULES has turned out to be the best in the quality manufacture and supply of glass ampoules to the ZAFA GROUP as well as pharma industry in Pakistan. Within a short span of 2 years Glastec has become a major player in the Ampoule market in Pakistan. The current expansion of Galstec has spread its wings into Pharmaceutical tubular vials also which will further help not only to curtail cost but also to generate further business.

ZAFA Group also acquired BALSAM PHARMA of Khartoum North Sudan in 2005. This made ZAFA the first Pakistan based Multinational Pharmaceutical Company.

The latest venture of ZAFA GROUP is a 120 bed BOULEVARD HOSPITAL located in a Prestigious area of Karachi, i.e. Defence Housing Authority.

Our Mission

ZAFA Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd founded in 1973, started with very humble beginnings with only 4 products and one factory with the strong belief in MEDICINES FOR ALL


our motto