Facility-9: Balsam Pharmaceutical Company Sudan

By the Grace of Allah Almighty, ZAFA has now become the 1st Pakistan based Multi-national Pharmaceutical manufacturing concern with its acqusition of major shares of BALSAM Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Sudan.

BALSAM Pharmaceutical, is the largest Pharmaceutical manufacturing concern of Sudan and is located at North Khartoum Industrial region.

It is the only injectable facility in Sudan and the only I.V. Infusion facility operating in the KOMESA region.

This facility is equipped to manufacture I.V Infusions, Liquid Injectables in Ampoules and Eye Drops.

This facility is in production and ZAFA has sent its technical team to Sudan to run the operations in addition to our talented local staff at Khartoum.

This facility was upgraded by ZAFA after it took over the facility in the year 2004 and has passed inspection by the Sudanese Ministry of Health.

The plant is now being expanded to manufacture Tablets, Capsules, Suspensions, Syrups and Powder and Liquid Injectables Sterile Products thus making it the largest Pharmaceutical facility in the KOMESA reqion.

The addition of product ranges at Balsam will help cater to the majority of demand of not only the Sudanese market but also in the region where ZAFA is recognized as a Quality conscious company.

This plant has latest equipment for the manufacturing of IV Infusions, Eye drops and Liquid Injectables and 90% of the equipments at this facility are of European origin.

ZAFA Pakistan has undergone an inspection carried out by a very high level delegation of the Ministry of Health, Sudan and they have recommended 87 products of ZAFA to be registered at Sudan.

ZAFA is signing an agreement with the Government of Sudan to transfer the technical expertise of these products to Sudan and locally manufacture the maximum number of products at its Balsam facility. In addition we are also committed to train at least 2 technical staff of the Ministry of Health, Sudan at our facilities in Pakistan .

This facility has a state of the art Quality Control and Quality Assurance facility which is equipped with latest testing equipments.

Our Balsam facility not only makes us the First Pakistan Based Multinational Pharmaceutical Company but also is another step towards quality, economy, cimmitment and compliance of our mission statement which is to ensure the availability of quality drugs at affordable prices throughout the country and the World.