Facility-5: ZAFA Branded Generic Division At F.B.Industrial Area

ZAFA's facility at Federal "B" Industrial area is the first of all our facilities. This facility has been in operation since 70's and has been upgraded at regular intervals. The last upgradation of this facility was carried out in 2005.

The total covered area of this facility is around 45,000 square feet and the entire Production, Packaging, Quality Assurance and Quality Control is centrally air-conditioned.

This facility isused for the manufacture of following formulation types:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Suspensions
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Creams & Ointments
  • Injections
  • Eye Drops
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Powders & Liquid Vials

This is a very diversified facility and has passed all inspections carried out both by national as well as international agencies.

This facility has one of the most advanced mixing and granulation equipment ensuring hand-free operation. The tableting capacity of this facility is around 2 million tablets per shift (8 hour shift basis). In addition products requiring sugar, film and enteric coating can be coated on our most advanced automatic Coaters.

The coaters are controlled by latest PLC systems and provide hand-free loading and unloading system, thus ensuring compliance to latest cGMP standards. The capacity of automatic coaters is 150kg.

This facility has one of the largest encapsulation capacities in Pakistan with a capacity of encapsulating around 1 million capsules per day on single shift basis. For this purpose latest automatic encapsulation machines are used which offer hand-free operation in line with latest cGMP guidelines. The encpasulation machines include:

  • 2 x ZJT 20 (automatic encapsulating machines, capacity 20,000 capsules per hour each).
  • 5 semi-automatic encapsulating machines.

This facility has a large Syrup section. The capacity of this section is around 30,000 bottles per day on single shift basis. Automatic machines for filling, capping, labeling are used for the purpose to ensure compliance with cGMP guidelines. In addition final packaging into cartons is also done by Automatic Cartoning machines.

ZAFA's facility at Federal "B" Area has one of the most modern ointment/cream manufacturing facility with a capacity of around 40,000 packs per day. For mixing and homogenizing automatic machine with a capacity of 500 liters is used which ensures hand-free production processes in line with latest cGMP guidelines.

This facility has a state of the art injectable section which is divided into two parts:

  • Injectables Filling Section is equipped with the latest monoblock machine with a filling capacity of 20,000 ampoules/hour and offer a hand-free operation. This machine automatically performs washing, drying, sterilization, filling and sealing procedures. Terminal sterilization by autoclave is done after filling. The hand-free operation in this section ensures production processes as per latest cGMP guidelines.
  • The Sterile Filling Area is used for powder filling, sterile liquid and sterile creams/ointments. Latest automatic machinery has been installed for washing, filling, plugging ans sealing vials. In addition a latest automatic eye drops filling machine is installed to carry out 100% hand-free operation in compliance with the latest cGMP standards. This facility also houses our Aerosol section which uses the latest filling capping and gassing machine for its operations. ZAFA's Aerosal division is 2nd Aerosal manufacturing facility in Pakistan.

This facility has a large warehouse, which houses both the raw and packaging materials. In addition, facilities for material requiring special temperatures is also available at this facility. All dispensing work is done under the watchful eye of Qualified Pharmacists and under Laminar Hoods to prevent cross contaminations.

Last but no the least is our Quality Assurance and Quality COntrol at this facility. ZAFA takes extreme care about the Quality of its products right from procurement of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. The Quality control staff continously test the raw material, the work in process and the final products at various stages of manufacture. The results of which are duly documented. The company has a state of the art testing laboratory with latest equipments like:

  • FTIR paragon 1000 Spectrophotometer (with full accessories).
  • Spectrophotometer Model 754 UV
  • Spectrophotometer Model 752 UV
  • Spectrophotometer BAush & Lomb
  • IR Moisture tester
  • Incubators (2)
  • Kari Fischer Metrohm 633
  • Atomic absorption PU 9100
  • Microbiological Testing Facility
  • HPLC (Perkin Elmer)
  • HPLC (Shimadzu) (4)
  • Disintegration Apparatus
  • Dissolution Apparatus
  • TLC equipment
  • Tablet Friability Test Apparatus

In addition to the above various balances and other necessary testing equipments are present which are regularly calibrated. this proves our uncompromising compliance towards ISO 9001:2000 calibration requirements. Records of calibration are strictly maintained with all testing equipments.

ZAFA's facility at Federal "B" Industrial is a dedicated fully independent manufacturing facility which has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. Inspectors of the Ministry of Health inspect us at regular intervals. these inspections are both pre-informed as well as surprise.

This facility brings us closer to our mission statement of ensuring the availability of quality drugs at affordable prices throughout the country and the world.