Facility-4: ZAFA Soft-Gelatin Capsules Manufacturing Facility

ZAFA Soft-Gelatin capsule facility is a dedicated world class facility for the manufacture of Pharmaceutical products requiring soft-gelatin formulations. Being dedicated it ensures no-cross contamination between products. As gelatin is an ideal medium for Growth therefore there is a requirement of keeping this facility dedicated.

This facility is built over an area of 17,000 square feet and has additional large storage area for storage of materials.

This facility can be used to manufacture cardiovascular, vitamin and other preparations in Soft-Gelatin Capsules.

It is an automatic facility and is built as per latest cGMP guidelines. The plant consists of the gelatin melting tank, encapsulation machine, Stainless Steel Capsule conveyor, Tumbler driers and other auxillary equipments.

The soft-gelatin capsules are continously formed and simultaneously filled by the encapsulating machine and carried by stainless steel conveyor into a tumbler drier for drying.

This process ensures production of soft-gelatin capsules with different shapes and provides unique dosage presentation/shapes as per our marketing/customer requirements. The whole process is almost hands-free thus ensuring compliance to latest cGMP standards.

The capacity of this plant is around 400,000 capsules per day that can be easily doubled in a short span of 3 months.

Facility for final packaging both in blister and bulk is available at this facility.

Special care has been taken to ensure the right environment inside the facility as per latest cGMP guidelines and for this special Air Handling Units and Environmental Controls have been provided.

The facility has a dedicated Quality Control facility which is equipped with latest equipments like the HPLC. A dedicated micro-biological facility is also available at this facility to ensure that the product and facility meets the microbiological requirements.

This facility is a dedicated and a fully independent manufacturing facility, which has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. Inspectors of the Ministry of Health inspect us at regular intervals. These inspections are both pre-informed as well as surprise.

This facility is being used for meeting the demand of our customers both in the domestic market as well as abroad as there is a very high demand of soft-gelatin presentation of vitamins in the developed world.

Our Soft-Gelatin Capsules Division is another step towards quality, economy, commitment and compliance of our mission statement, which is to ensure the availability of quality drugs at affordable prices throughout the country and the world.