Facility-3: ZAFA Infusion Division Facility At HUB

ZAFA acquired the manufacturing facility of the German I.V. Giants, B|Braun, in Pakistan in the year 2000. This facility is based at the HUB Industrial Trading Estate and has been renamed as ZAFA Infusion Division.

This facility is one of the few of its kind operating around the world. It has been built on a modular system by one of the most progressive modular organization of Europe.

The plant operates on a total hands-free working environment, utilizing the latest BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) technology, from Rommelag Switzerland. It could be used for the manufacture of 500ml and 1000ml Intravenous Infusion bottles. The hand-free operation ensures compliance with latest cGMP guidelines.

The manufacturing facilities are used for the production of Intravenous Solutions, I.V. sets and Haemodialysis solutions. The plant can also be used for other products requiring use of high Quality water.

The capacity of this plant is around 13 million bottles per annum and would be increased to 17 million bottles per annum in the near future.

In addition to this ZAFA Infusions also caters to our marketing demand of other formulations in Glass vials of 100ml and 50ml.

Our manufacturing facilities and our production processes are validated to ensur consistency in our supplies.

This facility was used for supplying more than 1.3 million I.V. Infusions to the Crown Agents, who were purchasing on behalf of the British Government.

ZAFA Infusion Division is a dedicated and a fully independent manufacturing facility, which has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. Inspectors of the Ministry of Health inspect us a regular intervals. These inspections are both pre-informed as well as surprise.

ZAFA Infusion Division has a large storage facility and is equipped to store production of at least 6 months of production.

The products manufactured by ZAFA Infusions have very high acceptability in the market and the products manufactured at this facility have also been exported to some African countries. For the last 2 years we have been selling 100% of our manufactured products, thus portraying the confidence of the respected Medical professionals n ZAFA's products. Keeping this in mind the management has decided to further expand the manufacturing capacity of this facility to further satisfy the demand of our valuable customers.

Our Infusion Division is another step towards quality, economy, commitment and compliance of our mission statement which is to ensure the availability of quality drugs at affordable prices throughout the country and the world.