Facility-12: ZAFA Printing & Packaging Division

To cater to our ever increasing demand of Printed Packaging material we decided in 2005 to put up our own Packaging facility.

Our Printing and Packaging division comprises of state of the art equipment for the printing of carton/labels/leaflets and all other material required by the facilities in paper or board printing.

The purpose of this facility was to ensure Printed material inventory system of Just in Time and at the same time to control cost.

This is our second endeavor of backward integration and has already started helping us with preventing stock outs of packaging material and by controlling cost of our cartons and labels.

This print was necessary in order to control cost and stick with out mission of Quality at Economy.

We plan to further expand this facility in the near future by further incorporating other packaging material manufacturing at this site.

The plant is spread over an area of 0.75 acres and is a dedicated printing set-up.

At the moment this plant only caters to the inhouse use of ZAFA and is fully equipped to handle our requirements right from designing till final printing.

Further more this plant helps us to ensure Security of our printed material.

This facility brings us further close to our mission statement of ensuring the availability of quality drugs at affordable prices throughout the country and the world.