Facility-10: ZAFA Cephalosporin Division

ZAFA Cephalosporin Division is our dedicated facility for the manufacture of Cephalosporin products.

This facility is under commissioning at the moment and is built as per latest cGMP guidelines and is designed for faciliting better environmental control, material movement and personnel flow in order to avoid cross contaminations.

This is a state of the art dedicated facility which is equipped to manufacture:

  • Dry Powder Injectables
  • Capsules
  • Liquid Injectables
  • Suspensions
  • Tablets

ZAFA Cephalosporin facility is one of the few dedicated facility for the manufacture of Cephalosporin products around the world.

The facility utilizes latest Air Handling equipments to ensure the quality of air in the manufacturing and packaging areas.

Being dedicated there is almost zero chance of Cross Contamination which is a reason of major concern for all regulators and customers around the world

This facility has a dedicated Quality Control and Quality Assurance facility which will be equipped with an in-house microbiology facility for carrying out microbiological tests of both the product and the manufacturing facility.

The Quality control and Quality Assurance facility will also be equipped with latest equipments like the HPLC, Spectrophotometers, LAL testing facility, dissolution and disintegration apparatus and other different testing and validation equipments.

The staff at this facility will also be dedicated thus preventing even the slightest chance of cross contamination through personnel movemement.

Our Cephalosporin Division will be another step towards quality, economy, commitment and compliance of our mission statement, which is to ensure the availability of quality drugs at affordable prices throughout the country and the world.