Facility-1: ZAFA Branded Generic Facility At Sohrab Goth

ZAFA Shorab Goth is our most modern and latest Pharmaceutical Formulation Facility. It is one of the largest facilities, area wise in Pakistan, built on an area of 170,000 square feet.

This facility is designed as per latest cGMP and US-FDA Guidelines. It is a purpose built pharmaceutical facility which is designed to ensure proper environmental controls as per latest cGMP requirements. In addition special care has been taken to ensure smooth flow of both men and material. Special arrangements have been made to ensure that every supply, i.e. nitrogen, distilled water, de-ionized water and others, that are required for production are available wherever required.

The total covered area of this facility is around 170,000 square feet (RCC) with additional areas of canteen and engineering. The entire facility is air conditioned. The air conditioning has been designed by one of the most prestigious HVAC consultants in Pakistan who has not only designed facilities in Pakistan but also around the world.

The salient features include dedicated Air Handling Units for every section and areas. The facility also incorporates change rooms provided outside each different section in order to prevent cross contamination through workers of different sections. In addition a separate corridor for visitors is provided around the facility to ensure smooth workflow during inspections. This corridor would also allow senior managers to inspect the working of the factory during operations without going through the extensive change room practices.

This facility is used for the manufacture of following formulation types:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Suspensions
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Creams & Ointments
  • Injections
  • Eye Drops
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Powders & Liquid Vials

Ths is one of the latest facility used for the manufacture of branded generic products and has passed inspections by the Federal Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan.

It has one of the most advanced mixing and granulation equipment ensuring complete hand-free operation. Our wet-granulator/mixer has a capacity of 600 liters and can handle a large batch size. The tableting per day (single-shift) basis. In addtion products requiring sugar/film or enteric coating can be coated on our most advanced automatic coaters. The coaters are controlled by latest PLC system which provides hands free loading and unloading thus ensuring compliance to latest cGMP Standards. The capacity of automatic coaters is around 150kg.

The facility has one of the largest encapsulation capacity in Pakistan with a capacity of encapsulating around 1.15 million capsules per day on single (8 hours shift basis). For this purpose latest automatic encapsulation machines are used which offer hand-free operation in line with latest cGMP Guidelines.

The capsulation machines include:

  • 2 x NJP 1200(automatic encapsulating machines, capacity 72,000 capsules/hour each)

In addition, metal detectors and weight variation check machines are used to ensure further compliance to cGMP Guidelines.

This facility has a large Syrup Section. Two completely automatic Syrup Filling Lines are used for the prupose. The capacity of this section is around 80,000 bottles per day on single shift basis. Automatic machines for filling, capping, labeling are used for the purpose to ensure compliance with cGMP Guidelines. In addition final packaging into cartons is also done by Automatic Cartoning Mahines.

ZAFA Sohrab Goth, has one of the most modern ointment/cream manufacturing facility with a capacity of around 60,000 packs per day. For mixing and homogenizing automatic machine with a capacity of 600 liters is used which ensures production processes in line with latest cGMP Guidelines.

This facility has the latest state of the art Sterile Section for the manufacture of Sterile/Injectable products. The Sterile facility is divided into three areas. Each of the three sections of the sterile area operatoes as individual units.

Each of the areas have their own change room facilities. The staff has to go through a validated change room procedure in order to enter the facilities. The facilities where injectable vials are packed is further equipped with automatic air - showers to ensure that no powder content leaves the section. This is in further compliance to cGMP Guidelines. The 3 sections of the sterlie area includes,

  • Sterile Liquids
  • Sterile Eye drops and Ointments
  • Sterile Powders

Most modern and automatic machines are used for different operations in these sections. Our Sterile Powder Section uses the latest automatic machines for filling of sterile powders. It uses a mono block machine which automatically washes, sterilizes, fills and seals vials. The capacity of this Plant is around 40,000 vials of 2 operators are required for the complete process and complete procedure is done in line with latest cGMP and US-FDA Guidelines. In addition other automatic machines are also available which further increase our capacity of powder vials.

The unique thing at this facility is that all suppllies required for production, i.e. nitrogen gas, distilled water, clean water, compressed air, clean steam and other supplies have been supplied through specially made consoles in each room of the entire facility.

A large facility for warehousing has been provided. The warehouse is completely air-conditioned, whereas temperature and humidity is monitored and recorded at regular intervals. Special areas are provided for products requiring special temperatures. For example Insulin Finished Product is stored at a temperature of 2 - 8 degree centigrade.

The warehouse is designed as per cGMP Guidelines and is carefully planned to ensure good handling of pharmaceutical goods. We have incorporated Good Storage Practices at this facility and all operations of handling goods are done by electric fork lifters. The ware house has a height of 25 feet and last insertion is at 20 feet.

The warehousing facility also houses the state of the art dispensing sections. For each formulation type there is a separate dispensing area. Each dispensing section is equipped with a dispensing hood and all dispensing is done under LAMINAR HOODS. Special exhaust system is available to maintain a clean environment as per latest cGMP Guidelines. All dispensing work is done under the watchful eye of a Qualified Pharmacist.

Last but not the least is our Quality Assurance and Quality Control at this facility. ZAFA takes extreme care about the quality of our products right from procurement of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. The raw material, the work in process and the final products are continuously tested by the Quality Control Staff at various stages. The company has a state of the art Testing Laboratory with latest equipments which include the FTIR Spectrophotometer, FTNIR Spectrophotometer, HPLC and Gas Chromatography equipments and others. All equipments are dully calibrated in line with the ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

ZAFA's facility at Sohrab Goth is a state of the art pharmaceutical formulation facility which is built on latest cGMP and US-FDA Guidelines. Inspectors of the Ministry of Health inspect us at regular intervals. These inspections are both pre-informed as well as surprise.

We plan to get this facility approved by the US-FDA so that we can enter the US and other regulated markets around the world.

This facility brings us closer to our Mission Statement of ensureing "Availability of Quality Drugs at Affordable Prices throughout the country and the world".