ZAFA, the corporate out look...

ZAFA Pharmaceuticals Laboratories (Private) Limited

is a Private Limited Company, founded in 1973, by its

present Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. Muhammad

Amin Khan. Our founder firmly believes in the
theory of "MEDICINES FOR ALL", which plays a

key role in setting up the prices of our new

introductions in the market. Our motto is

ZAFA is the 1st Pakistan based Multinational Pharmaceutical

manufacturing concern with its own manufacturing facility based

in Khartoum Sudan. In addition to this we have presence in various

African, Middle Eastern and South American countries.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing concern and has emerged as a leading Pharmaceutical Group of Companies that has brought the concept of Dedicated Manufacturing facilities in Pakistan. We are proud to be the 1st Pakistan BasedMultinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturing concern with our own operational
l facilities in Khartoum, Sudan.

We are presently ranked at #2 (we sell above 60 million unit packs per annum) in
Pakistan as per Unit Wise sales and are operating with Nine (9) 

manufacturingfacilities and two (2) to be commissioned soon.

All these facilities are Pharmaceutical l facilities. In addition

there is one more facility for printing and packaging material.

We started our manufacturing and marketing operations with

anti-inflammatory and potassium supplements besides iron

preparations. Today ZAFA product range represents a wide category

of therapeutic classes and we are one of the few companies

in the world to manufacture Insulin formulations

(both Hunman and Bovine). Our present product range includes

above 300 products with another 30 in the pipeline, 13 of our

products are leaders in Pakistan as per Unit Wise sales.

ZAFA is an equal opportunity employer and employs a staff of around

3000 with around 50% being females.

ZAFA has one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Pakistan with

total covered area of over 500,000 square feet.

We firmly believe that only professional people can run a progressive

organization and implement its believes and philosophies. Our employees

are one of our most important assets and carefully tailored training

programs are run round the year for updating their knowledge and skills.

In addition to Quality Control facilities at each of our units, we

have a fully equipped Central Quality Assurance/Control Laboratory

to monitor Quality at all our facilities.

1200 Quality system documents have been developed and

implemented to streamline different processes and an effective

command and control system is present to ensure consistency and

reproducibility. All Quality records are indexed and filed in such a

way to ensure easy and quick retrieval of records to show objective

evidence of the effective operations of the company and compliance

to our products.

The management has developed an internal quality audit plan to

check the effectiveness of the command and control system and a

cross facility team has been developed and trained to perform

independent audits of different facilities within the group.

All this done in line with our prime policy statement of "ensuring the

availability of Quality drugs at Affordable prices throughout the

country and world".